Thursday 11 February 2010

The Wedgie of Instruction

Charles and Corwin were laying on the couch watching TV when it became time for bed. I was sent over to encourage them to depart the couch and retire to their bedroom. I decided a wedgie threat would do the job.

Dad: Hey, Alice, should I try for a double atomic wedgie?

Alice: Oh, OK.

[Dad grabs Charle’s underwear band and reaches for Corwin, who does a good job of protecting it. Dad decides he is too tired to finish and releases Charles]

Charles: Haha, you didn’t even get one wedgie!

[Dad, of course, will not allow that to stand. There is much screaming and begging for mercy as Dad attacks, but he doesn’t quite get to Corwin]

Dad: Allright, just go on up to bed, Corwin.

[Corwin sits up and starts to get off the couch, giving Dad a perfect shot at a wedgie hold]

Dad: I can’t believe you fell for that! What are they teaching you kids in school these days? What kind of friends do you have that you didn’t suspect anything?

[Dad fires off his double atomic wedgie]

Dad: Woo! Double atomic wedgie!

Corwin: That wasn’t much of a wedgie.

[Dad demonstrates that he can still give a real atomic wedgie if he’s motivated]

Dad: That’s two mistakes in a row for you Corwin.

Corwin: Ow! Ow! That was an awesome wedgie!

Dad: [To Mom] Now that is learning in action.

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