Monday 15 February 2010

Spot the problem

It was another day for a learning experience. Today’s lesson was for Corwin and his siblings.

Josie was over visting. He and Charles decided to play Parcheesi and Alice tagged along to help. They came to me because they couldn’t find any dice. I went looking and finally found some but decided to have some fun by giving them 4-sided dice. They seemed OK with that, although Corwin immediately realized that it’s really hard to roll the ‘5’ you need to get out of home base on such dice. They went around the table 4 or 5 times, failing to get a ‘5’, before Alice of the three said “I don’t see any fives on these dice”. Charles and Josie were not nearly as amused as Corwin and I. I made sure to point out to Corwin that the subtle efforts were the msot rewarding in the end. I think he understood what I meant.

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