Monday 01 February 2010

Sleepy girl

Alice stayed home today. She’s not been failing well for a day or so. Mom made Alice go to her room on Satuday afternoon and she ended up falling asleep until 7 the next morning. She was still kind of tired and a bit cranky on Sunday. She ended up napping a bit after our exciting church outing (in which the youth directory was ordained as an associate minister). More concerningly Alice had a bloody poop. At least she mentioned this to me. Of course, she ended up mentioning it to the rest of the family at dinner. She seemed quite excited about it. Alice didn’t report any soreness or aches so I didn’t think a single incident was too serious but we told her to report any recurrence. She fell asleep early and we put her to bed. During the night she threw up. Mom was impressed that she just barfed a little bit on her bed and finished up in the bathroom sink. “The boys would get barf everywhere!” Mom noted.

In the morning Alice was still tired and a bit feverish in the morning so we kept her home from school and then Mom took her in to the doctor. The doctor said to just keep her off spicy foods and keep and eye on her. Alice has spent most of the day watching Hello Kitty, various movies, and sleeping. We check her breathing every now and then — she doesn’t wheeze like Charles used to so it’s harder to tell from a distance. We’ll see how she feels in the morning.

Meanwhile Charles has been waxing eloquent about how much he likes being sick because he can stay home from school, watching all the TV he wants, and a better choice of food. He said the perfect disease would be one that made him sick only during school hours.

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