Monday 08 February 2010

Quotidian Notes

Charles stayed home today, recovering from his ski sickness. He spent the day laying on the couch and making very elaborate drawings. I think he spent most of it on just one drawing. He was mostly recovered by the afternoon, planning to taunt Alice with his enjoyment of his day at home, until I pointed out that Alice got to have two days at home last week.

Alice spent some time yesterday working on signs. I think she was planning on making “no eye glass wearing people allowed” but decided to be more accepting. She came in to the office singing a tune from Sunday School, “just say yes. Say ‘Y’, ‘E’, ‘S’ — yes”, after which she asked me “how do you spell ‘yes’?”. So I know at least one child that the lyrics aren’t reaching.

Corwin was studying for a test on magnetism. Mom said I couldn’t discuss spin glasses, nor electro-weak theory, or even how magnetism is not a separate thing but simply a relativistic effect of moving eletrical charges on the grounds that it might confuse him. Pshaw! I could see the eagerness for learning in his eyes when I mentioned all of this.

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Alice reconsiders her ban.

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Charles’ drawing from his sick day.

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