Friday 05 February 2010

On the road again

We had extra kids this morning while we were trying to get ready for Mom’s ski getaway on Saturday. The plan was to drive up to Grandma’s house today then hit the slopes in the morning at place about 90 minutes from Grandma’s. Despite the time not being critical we did manage to get on the road less than an hour after our scheduled departure time. Mom’s big goal was to get Charles and Alice on the slopes for the first time, presumably to build family pressure for a bigger ski vacation later.

The drive up was uneventful, I had downloaded a few mini-games to my iPod Touch, primarily for Alice because the boys have their Nintendo DS systems. Except, of cource, Charles couldn’t find his, not that he mentioned this before we left despite Dad having mentioned that it would be good to take along. Charles claimed he had has asked us specifically about it but neither Mom nor I had any memory of that and I find it a rather implausible claim. In any case, Alice enjoyed a couple of the games which made it worthwhile (since they’re only $1 - $2 each).

The only downside was that Charles got sick shortly after we arrived at Grandma’s and crashed out early. We just had to hope that he would be feeling enough better to ski the next day.

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