Sunday 07 February 2010

Hurling down the road

After a not very restful night, we headed back home. We had a bit of a problem with the sleeping arrangements. The first night, because Charles was sick, he slept on a couch. Alice and Corwin were allocated the fold out bed but Corwin was afraid of Alice cooties so he slept on some piled up cushions. Last night we had planned for Charles and Corwin to have the fold out bed while Alice slept on the cushions but she refused because that’s how she is. Corwin decided to sleep on the couch while Charles was willing to tolerate an Alice infected bed so the two of them slept in the fold out.

The trip home was mostly uneventful except for Charles throwing up some chocolate milk and cookie. It was quite disgusting and we had to stop to get the car and Charles cleaned up enough to proceed. Other than that it was a pleasant drive. Afterwards, though, Mom made everyone take a shower (except for Alice who got a bath).

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