Saturday 06 February 2010

Family ski

We had to leave Alice at Grandma’s because she was such a Princess Grumpy-Pants about going to ski. Charles wasn’t very happy about it either but he was easier to suppress and was feeling better. The four of us got to the ski place around 10 and were out on the slopes by 10:30 (I think — it was already blurring for me by then).

Mom decided, based on her experience with Corwin, to take Charles to the bunny slope first before trying him on a real slope. Unfortunately we did not realize at the time that the place had two bunny slopes, one for beginning skiers and one for begining stunts. Naturally we ended up at the second one, which had a tow rope which Charles found very frustrating. I am not sure what his problem was, although reaching out forward while leaning forward to grab the rope was not a good technique. Eventually Charles managed to get most of the way up the slope after several attempts, at which point, having lost a ski, he popped the other one and trudged the rest of the way up. After a few crashes on the down, while heading directly for the bunny stunt features, Mom sent me off to locate a better practice area, which I did, complete with the “magic carpet” return. I stayed there with Charles for until lunch, helping him practice.

While we were there a cute red headed seven year old girl latched on to Charles and tried to chat him up. I found out later by overhearing that her name was “Maisy” because Charles couldn’t be bothered to find it out. She said that she would like to do some runs on the bunny slope with Charles. She turned out to have been going to the ski place since she was four, so I had her try to help Charles. This despite the fact that we she first started talking to Charles, she asked if I was his father or his grand-father. Poor Maisy tried to hard to get Charles to interact but I think she only managed to get three or four complete sentences out of him. Sadly Mom came to take us away for lunch and then the big slopes before Maisy had penetrated his aloofness. I did like when she asked “can he carve?”. Sadly, due to various constraints, I was unable to get a picture of this little snow bunny that was so attracted to Charles.

After lunch Charles was introduced to the big slopes. It went non-disastrously but not smoothly. Charles was actually doing reasonably well until he ended up behind a young woman. I was expecting him to turn as he had done so on the bunny slope to avoid a collision. But he plowed right in to the back of her in what one onlooker called “an excellent tackle”. Fortunately the young woman was understanding and not seriously injured. Charles, however, was psyched out by the collision and barely made it down to the bottom, where he faced the terror of the ski lift. Getting on wasn’t much of a problem but dismounting was too much.

As a result Mom took him back to the bunny slope while Corwin and I terrorized the main slopes. Mom resorted to monetary bribes to get Charles to continue practicing. After a long while Charles came back to the main slopes and had some good runs, eventually starting to master the “small child plunge” technique of blasting down the slope without turning with just a little bit of snow plowing to keep under control. I tried chasing him with the action camera and had a hard time keeping up. Sadly he had a couple of wipe outs on the slope and then dismonting from the lift which, along with his getting tired, that caused Mom to decide to pull him off the slopes for some hot chocolate and nachos. Charles actually considered going back out later which is a hopeful sign.

Mom had the big wipeout of the day, trying to go over one of the ramps and not landing well. I tried it myself later and went fast enough to just get an inch or two of air, which was all I could handle landing (like flying, getting in to the air was simple and easy — landing was the challenge). I caught an edge once but somehow I managed to get the ski up before that dumped me. Corwin dumped me a couple of times with his skis, once in the lift line by running over my ski so I couldn’t move it leading to my other ski slipping until I couldn’t stay upright. I got dumped a couple of times coming off the ski lift, one of which wasn’t Corwin’s fault.

After a hard day, we headed out. I had been told that we were going to home right after skiing but Mom decided we’d spend the night at Grandma’s because everyone but me had left things there. And apparently Mom wanted to pick up Alice as well.

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Charles first dismount attempt from the lift was not successful. I was not sufficiently clear on when to stand up. And the ramp dropped away pretty quick, so poor Charles stayed on the chair and started going around. The operator had to stop the lift and walk a hysterical Charles around and down the dismount ramp. Since Charles is short, getting on and off the chairs was more difficult than normal. The mounting technique involves my grabbing Charles around the waist and hoisting him on. The dismount was my constant chatter as we approached the ramp, “get ready, get ready, get ready,… go!” Overall, Charles did very well for his first day, and the site was good and low key for beginners.

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Mom’s just upset because she wanted to stop by the local casino for dinner because the food was cheap and there was the possiblity she’d lose a husband and/or kids at the gaming tables.

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