Thursday 04 February 2010

Double Trouble

Normally on Fridays Charles goes over to Josie’s house but there is no school tomorrow. Either Mom or Charles decided that instead Josie should come over Thursday night for a sleep over. This lead to Mom deciding that Corwin should have a friend over as well. She bugged Corwin all week until we threatened to invite Josie’s sister over instead. That got Corwin on the phone to Jack who generously agreed to save Corwin from that fate.

The two extra boys arrived and everyone got involved in eating pizza and having fun. Oddly the kids spent quite a bit of time playing as a group, although they did spend some time in solitary side by side computer gaming. Mom phased out early in the evening despite it being her plan to have extra boyen. I was left to prepare sleeping places for them all. I offered to let Charles and Josie sleep on the couches in the basement but they preferred to use the fold out in the living room which came with a free dog. They crashed out around 11. I didn’t go to sleep for an hour or two after that and I left Jack and Corwin running hot. I don’t know when things ended for them.

A concept picture of Corwin and Charles playing foosball

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