Wednesday 10 February 2010

Cold fun

Way back at the end of January, my Boy Scout troop and I went to Camp Drake for the Klondike Derby. The Klondike Derby is mainly a series winter camping challenges. One was the Blind Man maze. I got to lead my group through an obstacle course while they were blindfolded, and I did not lead them off a cliff. Another challenge was orienteering. We had to use the compass to find these milk jugs that had names and the next set of coordinates on it. For lunch there was hot dogs, soup, and chips. I didn’t have the hot dog, but the other food was pretty good.

After lunch we went to the fire making contest. We had to build a fire without matches, lighters, or batteries, and we had to make it big enough to snap a string about a half a foot above the ground. It took us about ten minutes. There was also a pancake flipping challenge. You had to flip a pancake to the next person then flip it into their pan. The last thing we did was the sled race. For the race, you had to have one person in the sled, and the rest pushing or pulling. We got last because a person on our team wasn’t going fast enough and got run over. After the race, there was an award ceremony. Surprisingly, our cub scout patrol in our troop actually got an award. My patrol beat the pirate ninjas, the other boy scout patrol, by one point! When we got back to the church, I had to call my parents because we got back early. I got home though, and I didn’t freeze my butt off!

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