Sunday 21 February 2010

Back to the information age

The last few weeks have been quite a trial for Charles, banished back to a more primitive age.

It all started with Mom’s efforts in advanced audio visual technology which caused me to think about optimal resource allocation in our local computation matrix. It seemed to me that the computer attached to the TV was rather over powered and would do better as a computer for one of the boys.

At the same time Mom had been doing her work I had been restructuring my home office, a tale I need to write up at some point, but the relevant result was that I demoted one of my computers to replace Alice’s old computer, which was Corwin’s old computer, so it was somethign of a relic. With Alice upgraded to semi-modernity it just made sense to start bringing the boys forward on the technology curve. Neither, however, seemed enthused at the prospect so I picked Charles as the victim beneficiary.

Unfortunately, Charles’ old computer proved resistant to being upgraded to something useful for being a media server. It was weeks before I finally got it to be sufficiently stable, during which time Charles was basically reduced to experience reality or using Alice’s computer. He did not bear this indignity well.

Eventually I was able to move Charles’ old box (an SN21G5) upstairs as the media box (named “VIDIOT”) and upgrade the previous media box (an SH78H7) and put it downstairs for Charles with the name “SPARKTOPOLIS” today. Charles was, well, not exactly happy, but willing to un-grump a bit. I tried to make it up to him by

  • Setting his logon image to a picture of Dogbert on SPARKTOPOLIS, VIDIOT, and PONY (Alice’s SX38P2 computer).
  • Loading Spore on VIDIOT so he could play it on the big screen.
  • Pointing out that Corwin now had the slowest computer of anyone in the family.

The one long term negative is that I don’t Corwin will ever let me upgrade his computer, although Mom thinks that is a feature.

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