Tuesday 05 January 2010

Tuesday with Charles

[After Cub Scouts]

Dad: How about a noodle place for supper?

Charles: McDonalds!

Dad: We always go to McDonalds.

Charles: No we don’t.

Dad: Every single day, we’re always at McDonalds.

Charles: No we aren’t.

Dad: You don’t even like McDonalds!

Charles: Yes I do!

Dad: You’ll never grow up to be a snobby gourmand if you like McDonalds.

Charles: Why would I want to grow up to be like you?

[Dad marks Charles down for some apropos yet excessive revenge]

[Examining the Happy Meal toy]

Dad: What is he saying?

Charles: “I’m Theodore”. The one in the blue shirt is Simon. He says “Ba da ba ba ba, I’m loving it” I think.

Dad: You aren’t sure?

Charles: No.

Dad: If you watched enough TV you would know?

Charles: Yes.

Dad: So your point is that this is Dad’s fault, and he should correct it by letting you watch more TV?

Charles: Play more computer games.

Dad: I do not see how that would improve your knowledge of pop culture such as this.

Charles: [condescendingly, with overtones of exasperation] It’s complex.

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