Sunday 10 January 2010

The Party

Today was Alice’s birthday party. She wanted to have a swim party so we rented the room at the local indoor swimming pool. We invited her kindergarten class and Andrew. We ended up with about 9 kids which is a decent turnout for how late we sent out the invitations. Andrew was there which made it a success from Alice’s point of view.

It was uneventful. The kids showed up, they swam for a while, ate some cake, then swam some more. The only problem was that the other boy who showed up didn’t bring a swimsuit (which seemed odd to me, it being a pool party and all) so Mom made Charles give up his swim trunks. Charles hadn’t wanted to go at all and was spending his time sitting in the cake room drawing comics so we didn’t feel too guilty about that.

To fill up space after the lack of drama, here are pictures of the two Alice birthday cakes.

Official cake

Party cake

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