Saturday 16 January 2010


Mom and Corwin left yesterday for a long weekend ski trip up north with a church group. I am not sure enthused Corwin was but Mom was very excited. There was even another mother going as a chaperone amidst all the fathers. Corwin went skiing a few years back but I don’t think he remembers it.

I have been left at home with Charles and Alice. I think I can keep at least one of them alive until Mom returns, which I think is good enough. We’ll see how many of the pets make it through although we may be eating them for food if Mom’s pre-cooked meals run out.

One thing that disturbed me after lunch was looking at the snack drawer and seeing that it had been emptied. I thought Charles and especially Alice had destroyed our reserve food supply (and filled with empty calories without making it easier for me). But I found out later when Mom finally checked in with the news that she and Corwin had survived that she had taken most of the snacks with her for the trip. I almost felt bad about stringing the kids up by their toes with their heads in the snow as punishment but I figured hey, they need to get toughed up.

P.S. Everyone send Mom email telling her to write up her excellent and funny stories of the trip!

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