Saturday 02 January 2010

Lego burnout

Charles got two Lego™ kits for his birthday. During out trip to Chicago he used his birthday money to buy another kit. For Christmas, Santa Claus brought Charles yet another Lego™ kit. Charles had of course assembled the first three kits already but he abandoned the final, very large kit the day after Christmas, a victim of too much building.

At one point Charles complained that he couldn’t find a part for the kit. He wanted me to help but refused to tell me what the part looked like. I refused to look until he told me and he decided to just abandon the effort instead of stooping to describing the missing piece. He came back to it a bit later and complained that pieces he had found were disappearing. Of course we couldn’t verify this because the indentity of the pieces remained a private secret of Charles.

P.S. I should note that Charles has a long history of losing pieces from his kits which so far have always turned up after a bit of searching. Frequently the piece is under some paper (such as the instruction booklet) or on Charles’ seat.

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