Monday 11 January 2010

Helping when it's important

This evening Mom let the boys have some of the party favors from Alice’s swim event. Included in the mix where some roll out noisemakers. All three kids were tooting away. I grabbed Charles and hoisting him up on my shoulder, declaring him a “shoulder mounted Charles sonic cannon”. I tried firing but really, it was weak. I could barely tell it was working. So I put him down and declared that I would try a “shoulder mounted Corwin sonic cannon”. Corwin started backing away at that point, until Mom said “Don’t. You’ll hurt yourself”. Corwin immediately started edging back towards me. He miscalculated as I was able to get him in to firing position without any permanent damage. Corwin, however, claimed to be unable to breathe because of his weight pressing down on my should. Personally, I hold with Uncle Evil’s view that if you can talk, you can breathe, therefore such announcements are self refuting.

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