Wednesday 13 January 2010

Electronic hand me down

Once, long ago, Mom bought an MP3 music player for Corwin. He used it for a little bit but it soon ended up on a shelf. For some reason Mom thought Alice would like it. We put a new battery in it and Alice does try to listen to it although the ear buds barely fit in her petite little ears. The only music on it is some Weird Al songs that Corwin loaded on it. This suffices for now. I will have to ask at some point if she would like some of her preferred songs on it.

Alice took the player with her when we went to Charles’ Cub Scouts last night. She seemed to enjoy it even though the batter cover is broke and keeps falling off, and she generally can only keep one ear bud in place. She ended up lieing down and passing out after about 10 minutes so I am not sure how long she would actually listen.

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