Friday 22 January 2010

Digital convergence

One side effect of Mom’s new Netflix addiction is that we can also access streaming video. This motivated Mom to take the computer we had been using for Charles’ animation which she had been keeping in her updated office and put it next to the TV. Fortunately she had already equipped it for wireless networking so it was ready to serve as a media server for our big screen TV.

The video streaming actually works reasonably well. Mom and the kids watched a movie or two but mostly old TV programs. Charles figured out that it was really a computer with a web browser and decided that it would be much cooler to play his web games on the big screen than watch boring old shows. Mom was not enthused about that so Charles has been trying to sneak in some game playing since she got it hooked up. Mom figures that her HGTV is better than Charles’ gaming.

Charles gets his chance when Mom goes on errands

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