Tuesday 12 January 2010

Dad goes out to enjoy the day

It was a very beautiful day on Saturday, clear blue skies and a very refreshing 4°F (according to the local weather station) so I decided to go out for a walk. Corwin naturally did not want to go but even Mom was too much of a slug to enjoy the great white outdoors.

I hiked up to the stream in the park because it had a couple of frozen waterfalls. Sadly, neither yielded very good pictures. The first seemed to be just some deadfall that had accumulated. The upper part was frozen over but the lower part was still free flowing. The other drop was a beaver dam somewhat further upstream which also was frozen on top and free flowing below. The lower froze over a ways downstream so it seems like the turbulence from the dams is enough to keep the creek just below open. The footing in both places was a bit tricky as the water level had fallen since it had frozen over so none of the ice was safe to walk on. This wouldn’t have been a big deal if the snow didn’t conceal exactly the boundaries between land and ice. I only fell once when my foot discovered some ice that was frozen down to the ground but absolutely smooth and flat on the top with a dusting of fluffy snow for lubrication. My coccyx is still sore. At least I had taken care to always have a firm grip on some terrain element so I only fell down and not in to the creek.

When I headed back I called Mom who sent Corwin and Polynomial out to meet me as both of them needed some exercise. We went over to the pond to check it out. It’s very solidly frozen even for someone as heavy as I am. Poly had a very good time and even Corwin was only somewhat whiney. We found that Mara and Zina had already been there and left their mark, a giant “MARA” and “ZINA is weird” tramped out in the snow on the pond.

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