Thursday 21 January 2010


Tuesday was the big day when Mom’s life long dream of having a nice couch was fufilled. Our old couch was one that we got at Sears 15 or so years ago and it was a low end model. Given the abuse it has taken over the years it’s clear that we got our money’s worth out of it. Like me, the couch is getting old and starting to break down (clearly a decade or so of kids jumping on it couldn’t have anything thing to do with it — hmmm, maybe it’s more similar than I thought).

We decided to get a leather couch because everyone tells us it is much more durable. We’ll see how that works out. Mom picked the less processed style (“semi-analine”) because it feels less like plastic. Charles doesn’t like any style of leather because it’s too cold. He wanted fabric. But Mom and I figured it’s time to start living large. We have had to institute a new rule that the guinea pigs require a towel to be on the couch. I don’t expect that rule to last the week but we do what we can.

The delivery guys were very happy that the target couch location was about 10 feet from our double opening front door. It was a lot easier than the fun Mom and I had moving the old couch down to the basement. It seems like we had just moved it up to replace the green couch but it’s been several months apparently. At some point we must have moved the green couch down the basement but I don’t remember when, exactly. I think it was right after Mom’s big re-arrangement of the basement.

Alice was the first to try it out although we didn’t let her jump on it. I verified that it will be properly sized for Dad naps although I havern’t had a chance to enjoy that feature.



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Wow - that looks nice!

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