Sunday 03 January 2010


I’m writing about our Christmas this year. I wish I wasn’t because it’s only a couple days after Christmas and I wanted not writing this to be one of my presents but no. Anyway, I’m writing about my Christmas.

One of my presents was getting tortured by my Uncle Evil for a week. He came up from Texas for a week with Aunt Nong. He arrived in the morning on the last day of Charles’ s party and trapped Charles , Josie, and me in our computer room for an hour while at us with rubber bands, foam missles, and stuffed animals. A couple days after that we went to Chicago for a day to go shopping, see museums, and walk around. We spent about half the day at the the Museum of Science and Industry. After that we went shopping! We walked along Michigan Avenue while it was raining/snowing. We shopped till around 8:30ish and then went home. For Christmas I got candy, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (which got stuck on a level so I can’t beat the game), a gift card, and a Black Adder DVD collection. Charles and me got a foosball table Charles liked it for a bit but then stopped because he couldn’t win, and I can’t play with it because I can’t play alone. Uncle Evil and Aunt Nong left a couple days ago. Today I went sledding then I came home to write this. Overall it was a pretty good Christmas.

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“Charles and I”

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As long as you don’t blame the editor.

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