Saturday 09 January 2010


Today is Alice’s sixth birthday. She started the morning by beating on Corwin with some help from Charles. This seems to have worn her out as she started whining so badly we had to send her to her room to cool off. I asked her if she would behave better if we let her come back down and she replied “I don’t know”. As I type she’s still exiled. We will see if she achieves a sufficiently agreeable attitude to open presents today.

We have a party scheduled for tomorrow at the indoor swimming facility. This is what Alice said she wanted but like many things, there is Alice saying she wants something and Alice actually wanting it when it arrives. We have already had a major incident when Mom and I decided that Alice had enough stuff for now and we would not ask for presents from the kids invited to the party. Alice did not like that at all. There wasn’t anything she wanted in particular, just “stuff”. We remembered last year’s haul, some of which is still unopened and held firm. Alice had an excellent Christmas and is set to get a good haul from family today. She also has a big stack of money, which she is “saving up” for something she won’t tell us. We think she’ll managed to scrape by.

Evening update: Alice eventually settled down even if still a bit grumpy. She was able to open presents which was a lot of fun. The first present had wrapping paper with butterflies on it. Alice decided that it was wrong to destroy the butterflies and decided to cut all of them out before opening the present. After about 10 minutes Mom convinced Alice that she could just pull the wrapping paper off and cut out the butterflies later. As I write (around 8PM) the wrapping paper is still sitting there, butterflies undetached, along with the 3 or 4 Alice managed to cut out.

At the end of opening, Alice looked around with a disappointed look and announced “I wish I had gotten more presents”.

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Happy Birthday Alice. Have a fun time at the swimming pool tomorrow.

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