Wednesday 12 December 2007


Corwin had another violin recital tonight. It was school based this time, organized by some truly insane women who gathered up 50 or 60 string players from all of the local middle schools and tried to get them to play together. Mom went to some of the practices so she could tell me of the horror. Another mom said that based on this, it was clear that this woman was going straight to heaven because she did this without inflicting grievous bodily harm on any of the children.

Just to make the evening more entertaining, there was apparently a last minute change of venue. Still, in the end it went reasonably well. Corwin had some sort of tuning problem, which he naturally discovered just as the recital began. He spent most of the first song trying to tune his violin himself, then played, then tried tuning again, then took it over to the official assistant tuner, then played, then went back to the assistant tuner again. All of this during the recital. I still don’t know what the actual problem was, but Corwin played for over half of the time, so it wasn’t a total loss.

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