Friday 28 December 2007

Snowed out

We had been planning on trying to hit another museum during out trip, but it started snowing heavily and we decided that we really wanted to get out of town before rush hour traffic in heavy snow on a Friday evening.

So we went to a large mall. This was because the only thing Charles really wanted to do during the entire trip was visit a Lego™ store. Charles bought much stuff there, and the older boys each bought a computer game at another store, but the winner in the loot contest was Alice. Mom took her to a Hannah Anderson store, the Disney store, and a Sanrio / Hello Kitty store. Her favorite item, I think, was a night dress with Princess Ariel on it. Alice also got a Hello Kitty angel, although, as Alice was careful to point out, i’ts not a real Hello Kitty, it’s just a a stuffed toy.

The trip wasn’t bad — neither the traffic nor the snow were particularly heavy. Mom’s main disappointement was that we didn’t drop by IKEA. I enjoyed the boys howls of protest at the suggestion. About a half hour from home, Alice became upset that a balloon flower she got at the mall had become undone. She started crying and screaming about it, but refused any help and eventually forbade Mom and I from even asking about it. As best we could tell, she was chanting “Charles has to fix my flower” but, as we were forbidden to inquire, we’re not sure. Eventually, when pressed, Alice stated “I don’t want anyone to hear what I saying!”. I pointed out that would be better accomplished by being quiet, which did reduce her volume a bit. She cried and chanted the rest of the way home, not stopping until we were literally about 60 seconds away from arriving home. I pointed this out to Mom, that Alice hadn’t cried the entire way home, but she didn’t share my triumphalism. Still, I was impressed that Alice had set her will so hard that she kept on crying and chanting even after falling asleep. I tried fixing her flower again, but that just set her off. So while Mom distracted her with loot, I hid the balloon, after which it passed, unremarked, out of memory.

Because we had promised Josh’s mom that she wouldn’t get him back to later in the evening, we let Josh and Corwin play on the WII for a while. Mom tried to feed him, but he didn’t like ham and the plate of chicken Mom heated up for him, he shattered on the floor. Still, there was apparently enough food vapor to satiate him.

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Josh broke a plate????

About as graceful as his mom, I would say!

Posted by: Deborah on 29 December 2007 at 22:02

Well, a bowl. We were using it like a plate. Smashed in to many tiny little bits on the floor.

Posted by: Dad on 29 December 2007 at 22:34

OMG…so sorry!

Posted by: Deborah on 31 December 2007 at 17:48
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