Sunday 30 December 2007

Loot is the root of all happiness

[The pizza arrives]

Dad: Corwin, you were asking me about provolone the other day. [points at pizza]. That’s provolone.

Charles: AAAUUUGH! I wanted cheese pizza!

Charles is not having much fun these days. He said that he didn’t enjoy our recent trip much, except for the Lego™ store. Mom asked him which museums he liked, but he didn’t like any of them. He said “I only got a bus there!” meaning that when shopped at the museum, all we bought him was a little toy bus. Therefore the trip was no fun.

This evening we went to a restaurant with a mini arcade in the basement. Charles seemed to be enjoying himself but when queried on the way home, he stated that he didn’t know if he had any fun. The problem was that he didn’t get to play a game he wanted to play (not that he mentioned this while we were there) and the toys available via tickets won from the games didn’t have anything he wanted. No loot, no fun.

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