Monday 31 December 2007

It can't have been another entire year, it just can't!

We seem to have fallen out of time a bit. Even for us, it’s been a very low key low energy winter break. Corwin, at least, was taken out for a few hours by Josh to see a movie and do some lunch.

The rest of us have many just been sitting around. Mom did make us do a bit of re-arrangement in the kids’ office. Mimi sent money to get the kids some filing cabinets and Mom decided to move things around to accommodate them. If anyone wants a free desk, cabinet, or Microsoft force feedback USB steering wheel, let us know.

Charles started working on his nativity scene. We ordered a craft kit one because Charles specifically requested it. He started out by having them all play baseball, but eventually it was time for the gluing.

Alice has been enjoying her presents but the deluge of princess stuff has only whetted her appetite for even more princessy loot. At least with her guitar she’s a super star instead of a princess.

On a personal note, I passed 3,000 posts sometime back (this was #3000) and I didn’t even notice until a month later.

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