Monday 10 December 2007

High maintaining

Alice found some balloons and after working on one for a while, asked me to blow it up. Not wanting to use one Alice had been so friendly with, I picked out another in the same color. But Alice would have none of that — she had a red balloon but the one I picked was dark pink, which is (as we all know) completely different. A bit of sleight of hand took care of the problem, because we also all know that age and treachery beats youth and skill every time.

Apparently we break in on Alice’s private conversations with herself so often that she has taken to preemptively announcing “I am talking to myself!”.

Alice doesn’t like me to clean up her nose, even if it’s running. If I persist, she responds by blowing her nose immediately after I remove the facial tissue.

On the other hand, Alice was home today because it was teacher conference time at day care. Mom left in the afternoon and Alice was given of staying with Dad or going off with Mom. Alice was set on Mom until it was mentioned that Jack was coming over. All thoughts of mother / daughter bonding disappeared and Alice decided she was willing to hang out with Dad if Jack showed up later.

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