Friday 07 December 2007

Food service

This evening Alice and Charles have been enjoying money. They got out the box with the various bits of play money. Charles later decided this wasn’t enough and started making his own $5 bill, copying directly from a real one. This did not turn out well, as Charles was very unhappy with lack of ability to accurately forge US currency.

Later the two of them moved to the basement and started fighting over access to the play cash register. I solved it by sending converting them in to a restaurant and sending Alice over to cook, since Charles had been first at the register. Of course, this meant I had to order a lot of food …

Charles: Here’s your tea. It’s burning.

Dad: Flaming beet tea?

Charles: Yes. Lots of big flames.

Dad: What about some chicken feet pizza?

Charles: OK. Alice, you make that.

Alice: OK.

Dad: And for desert, I want some chocolate Alice eyes.

Alice: AUGH! I been making those all day!

PS. The oddest thing is that I had warned the kids at supper that I was going to make them do some cleaning tomorrow while Mom was off at some relaxing “professional” retreat thingy. After I was sated at the restaurant, Charles started cleaning the basement all by himself, stating that if he cleaned some of it now, he wouldn’t have to do as much tomorrow. Then he got Alice to help.

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