Sunday 02 December 2007

Dinner conversation

Alice spent last evening’s supper time talking. Not to us, but to people on her cell phone. MIssE called, and Maggie, and someone else I couldn’t make out. Erica, of course, wanted to talk about her triplets. Maggie refused to talk at all, leaving us wondering why she had bothered to call. Alice was a bit cross with her and let her know that in no uncertain terms.

This is a bit of a change for Alice, who had acquired the habit of demanding that we ask let her tell us how here day was, like we try to do with the boys, who generally just respond “good” and “I don’t remember” despite our inquiries. Alice takes a different tack, being a girl and therefore talkative:

Mom: Charles, tell me about your day.

Alice: [angry] You won’t let me tell you about my day!

Mom: Allright. Alice, how was your day?

Alice: Good.

Mom: Did you have fun?

Alice: I don’t remember.

The difference is just astounding.

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