Tuesday 25 December 2007

Christmas Present

We survived Christmas again. Thanks to Mom, the kids let me sleep until 8, because Mom declared it so. Precisely at 8, Corwin came up to roust me out of bed and the looting was on.

We did it a little different this year by only allowing one present at a time to be opened. I think it worked well, it made the moment last a lot longer. We the parental units could actually see the kids open things, rather than just a cloud of wrapping paper.

Overall it was a success. All of the kids got at least one present that was much appreciated. Alice came out the best, I think. She received a good collection of “best present ever!” gifts. Of those, the big ones were fairy princess dolls and her Barbi guitar. Charles’ favorites were a model howitzer and a tool kit with a bunch of wood blocks. Corwin was upgraded to a Nintendo DS. He’s now burning to spend all of his Christmas cash on games for it.

The big present for everyone was, of course, the Wii. Although, of course, it’s really Mom’s Wii which only children on her good list get to play. You all performed your security duties perfectly, none of the kids had any idea it was there. Corwin was in ectasy at the thought of now having access to both a DS and a Wii. Mom said that was probably it for him ever leaving the house again (certainly after he figures out how to order games online). Mom and Corwin spent a good amount of time getting it hooked up (leaving our DVD temporarily disconnected). Mom even got the Wii to connect to our local WiFi network so it can cruise the Internet. Everyone played with it, although Corwin spent the most time on it, becoming addicted to Super Mario Galaxy. Charles played some of the sports games and even Alice played a bit.

The rest of the day was spent playing with the Wii and other presents. Amazingly, none of the kids got bored of all of their presents before bed time. Grandma and GrandPa came down to visit for the afternoon and we all had a nice lunch, even if the kids were forced to stay seated instead of playing while the adults finished.

Alice rocks Corwin Wiis Charles hammers

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