Thursday 27 December 2007

And it has a pool!

Today we got up early so that we could go up to Chicago to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the U-505 and Star Wars exhibits. Mom went online to get tickets because if you wait till you get there, the tickets are all gone, sold to people who bought them online. Because our own children aren’t sufficiently difficult, Mom convinced Corwin to invite Josh along. This wasn’t too bad, because as it turns out Josh also has a Nintendo DS so he and Corwin gamed separately together all the way and all the way back, and likely would have done so the entire time there had we not intervened.

The trip us was fine, because I slept through most of it. We went to the hotel first, to make sure we’ d have a place to stay. Josh became very excited at the idea, although he didn’t have a good response when I asked where he had thought we were going to stay. In the time it took me to drop off suitcases in the bedroom, the boys had found the TV remote and settled in for some entertainment. Charles then announced that he didn’t want to go the Museum, as he had taken an entire set of military toys along and found that more enticing than a real WWII submarine. Being the types who delight in cruelty to children, we tore all three of the boys from their pleasures and put them in the van heading to the Museum.

We grabbed some lunch on the way, which lead to some strong arguments over food types. Alice became hungry, not hungry, hungry, and not hungry in the time between leaving the hotel and arriving at the restaurant. Josh was hungry until the food arrived, at which point just the vapors seemed sufficient to sate his hunger. Corwin managed to drink three large glasses of root beer, thanks to the efficient waitress.

The Museum was fun. We arrived in time for our U-505 tour tickets. Mom had to miss it, because Alice lost control when the tour started a simulated dive with sound effects. I am sure it would have been extra fun to have Alice during the simulated depth charge attack. Afterwards, Mom took Alice to the Fairy Castle while I took the boys to the Toymaker 3000 which is an automated factory that makes little gyroscope toys with all the machinery on display. Corwin really liked that exhibit, although the noise was getting to Josh by the end. Then it was time for Star Wars, which the kids liked OK but didn’t thrill them as much as we had hoped. I thought it was quite nice, which probably should have been a tip off in that regard.

Then it was time to go back to the hotel. We were one of the last groups to leave and weren’t quite sure of the optimal path. At one point we considered taking an elevator but changed our minds. Charles, however, had forged ahead in to the elevator which then left with him, respondingn to a summons on another floor. Charles completely lost it, we could hear his screams echoing up through the elevator shaft. I wasn’t worried, because we could just hit the down button to bring it back and I figured Charles knew how to work an elevator. But when he was returned to us and I asked him about it, he denied it.

Having retrieved Charles from the Shaft of Doom, we returned to the hotel and ordered in some room service while Josh and Corwin watched sports. I had fun torturing Josh with alternate opinions, such as that catching football passes was so easy that the players had to wear gloves to make it a challenge. Josh claimed that the gloves were supposed to help, but I scoffed at the idea that one would put on gloves to make a manual task easier.

The boys went to sleep easily, but Alice was an emotional wreck because she hadn’t been able to go swimming and didn’t get milk in a sippy cup for bedtime. That girl can cry and carry on loudly for a very long time. I was a little grumpy too, because I didn’t get many good pictures, but I only cried for a little while.

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