Sunday 16 December 2007

Charles interacts … sort of

Charles rides again

Charles had his birthday party today. He invited a bunch of kids but it being the weekend or two before Christmas, we only had a few of them show up. But, we also had Matt and Claire over, plus Keith’s siblings1 so it was a decent crowd. Mom had these elaborate plans to fill the three hour span of the party, but it mostly turned in to a Nerf based play date. We tried doing some crafts (assembling some foam train kits, drawing), but those just couldn’t compete. Mom had hoped for some outdoor activity because of the snow, but that didn’t work out either. Despite this, it seemed that much fun was had. Plus huge amounts of sugar were consumed. Which of these was more appreciated only the kids could say.

Charles interacted somewhat with the other children. Such as, fighting over whether the cardboard bricks were building material or ammunition for Charles’ “big gun”. Eventually they went with building and Charles joined them in the bunker. A couple of the other kids turned Mom’s hanging chair into an armory for the bunker. Not the original purpose, but Mom was happy the chair was being used at all.

Alice played with Keith’s little brother Isaac quite a bit of the time. I had suggested before hand that Corwin do so to help out, but Alice piped up with “Isaac is my friend”.

While the boys shot their Nerf guns, Claire assumed more of a management role. She’d gather up all the darts and make the boys apply humbly for ammunition resupply. At one point she gathered up all the guns and laid them out on the table like a scene from a sci-fi action movie. Meanwhile, her brother Matt spent a good part of the final time of the party shooting at me.

Both of the vehicles in the basement (the big wheel thing from Mimi and the plasma car) got a lot of miles on them. I had to explain to them that they were too big to pile on the vehicles in groups, though.

1 Keith was there as well, but he and Corwin locked themselves in the kids’ office and gamed in isolation the entire time.

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