Saturday 08 December 2007

Caught in his own trap

As we were driving around today, Charles was engaging in his standard and annoying habit of pulling his arms inside his shirt / coat. This time, though, he somehow managed to get himself stuck in his coat. I was driving so I couldn’t turn to look but Charles was mightily upset about it. Naturally, I took the opportunity to lecture him about why we didn’t want him pulling in his arms and then stretching out his clothing trying to get back to normal. I hoped this would have a calming effect on him, as he realized that he was just part of a vast karmic chain and it was best to endure one’s misfortunes stoically until Dad made it home and could effect rescue. Sadly, it did not have this effect. It did, however, motivate Charles to an effort that resulted in him freeing himself. We’ll see if he learned a lesson about consequences or improved contortionist technique.

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