Tuesday 06 November 2007

You waited how many years for a daughter?

As part of the run up to THE WEDDING, Mom bought Alice two new dresses. Alice wore the burgundy one to the wedding. The other was a cute little black dress with a black hair band, both with glittery embellishments. Along with some black tights, Alice was quite the vision of fashion. In the evening, after she got home, she was quite taken with her superior state of fashion.

Dad: Is that dress very fashionable?

Alice: Yes.

Dad: What about Mom’s clothes?

Alice: They’re nice. … She has a nice shirt … I don’t like these pants … they’re black.

Mom: Brown.

Alice: Brown. I don’t like brown. I don’t like black either.

Dad: What color is your dress?

Alice: [looks down at herself] OH! Black! I like black.

Dad: OK. Maybe you could help Mom put on nice clothes in the morning, to make sure she dresses nicely.

Alice: Hmmmm, OK, I can do that.

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Sounds like Alice and I share an affection for good clothes :) I’ll be sure to give her some fashion tips at Thanksgiving and I bet she’ll have some for me!

Posted by: Tara on 06 November 2007 at 14:29
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