Saturday 03 November 2007


Alice receives the flower basket back from Erica

Today was the big day — our sweet young nanny, Erica, became a married woman today.

But first, I went out to the family farm for some rockets! Today was the annual outing for the Aeronautical Engineering class. I couldn’t stay for the whole event, but I figured I should put in an appearance. Sadly, this left me unavailable to help Mom get the children ready for the big event, but sometimes the call of civic duty takes precedence. I’m sure Mom understands.

We had to get to the church early to be in the wedding pictures, which the kids really appreciated (especially Corwin). I gave Corwin one task, keep track of his jacket. Naturally he forgot it and Mom had to run him back to the house to get it. Other than that, the kids did well, I think. Corwin handed out programs in an animated if grim faced manner. Charles didn’t get excessively ahead of Alice, bearing the rings1 to the wedding party. Alice had to be reminded by Mom to throw flowers, despite her anticipation, but she did a good job and had some left at the end, while leaving a good trail down the aisle. Alice used the very same flower basket Erica used back when Erica was the flower girl at our wedding.

However, for Alice the biggest thrill was getting a new dress and new fancy black shoes. Erica had said that the dress Mom had originally picked wasn’t the optimal selection, so Mom (because she likes Erica so much and is so accomodating), took Alice out on Friday to get some new outfits. Alice, brave and stoic little girl that she is, endured as well. But it was all worth it to make Erica happy. As Alice said, “Erica is happy a lot today!”.

After the wedding we went to the reception. Except we had to stop for some fries on the way because the children were starving to death in their seats. Even after that Alice whined the rest of the way that she was still hungry. Nevertheless, all the kids held on to life until we were fed (free food!). Erica had these cute little cards on the tables with little bells built in. Corwin thought they were very cool until I pointed out that the purpose of them was to signal the bride and groom to make smoochies. Corwin dropped the one he was holding like it had the plague.

Alice had a good time on the dance floor. I put in a request for Video Killed the Radio Star, and Alice went really wild when that tune started jamming out. The dance floor was the territory of all of the little children until some polkas starting playing, which brought out the adults. Our kids were starting to get a little cranky by then, so we made our exit, with Alice and Charles get one last blast of Erica before her husband takes her off to a far land and an exciting, thrill packed new life.

P.S. For me, it was all made real for me when I realized that I could no longer refer to Erica as “Miss E.”. I am still working on a replacement. I also enjoyed emphasizing to Alice that Erica was getting married “for real” and it wasn’t all an elaborate play time.

1 Not the real rings, just a display replica.

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