Thursday 08 November 2007


Charles came to me this evening in my office and told me that he needed to practice his words. I turned on the computer and set him up with a text editor. He produced the following work of high literature all by himself, except for some spelling help.

I M ALL.      LET ME IN.     you hf too  pay me 9000$.
    @##$$$$$$% 9000000000000000000000%.         
(and you have too give me 100%) 
(why not?)(you heve to)do I heve to.
Let me in once upon a time  there was a fox that wanted too eat the
children at the house a hot day the fox wanted too eat the children up
so the fox said I well eat you up so the children said no we well not let you in.

This is not Charles’ first typing but it is the first time he has tried to make words using the computer.

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