Friday 23 November 2007

True purpose revealed

We had a lazy morning, started off with the good news that Alice hadn’t wet the bed overnight. The kids played together some. Dana wasn’t as interactive as usual. She had messed up her knee playing indoor soccer, bursting the bursa under her left patella. It then filled up with blood, leaving quite the mess. She’s mostly recovering now, but gets to play with some neat physical therapy equipment. She went out back to kick a soccer ball around with Corwin and Josh a bit. I threatened to take pictures to show the insurance company, but I figured that she probably added a week or two to her recovery time already. Chasing me down as well would have been a bit too much of an extension on healing time.

On the way home, we stopped by IKEA, which frankly I think is the only reason Mom decided to go out of town for Thanksgiving. I had thought it would be overwhelming being the day after Thanksgiving, but it was only normally crowded. Maybe IKEA just isn’t a big start of the Christmas season shopping spot. Mom picked up a few furniture bits. I did too, not because I really needed them but to make Mom feel like she had accomplished more for the outing.

We had lunch at the IKEA cafeteria, because Mom had never tried that before. It was nice, the meatballs were good. After that we dropped Alice and Charles off at the IKEA child play area. The kids seemed to like it, as Alice had to be dragged out by Charles when it was time to leave. Corwin, being too old, was forced to accompany the parental units in their stroll through the store. He was poorly rewarded, because as we were leaving Mom took the kids to get some going away snacks. Corwin changed his mind right as Mom ordered and ended up not getting what he wanted leading to a bit of a melt down. I think it he should treat it as character building experience to demonstrate the value of decisiveness.

We also spotted a set of what looked like triplets — three girls all the same age (about 8) dressed in identical outfits looking like sisters. I pointed them out to Alice, who was almost fascinated enough to talk to them. But not quite.

After a medium long trip home, we all just collapsed and tried to recover from our mini-vacation.

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