Tuesday 20 November 2007


Yesterday, Alice brought home the “Surprise Box” from school. This is an orange lunchbox in to which the child puts an object. The other kids are given three clues to guess what’s inside. I had forgotten about it until this morning, at which point Alice remembered and we had a rush search of the house for something suitable. The search was complicated by Alice declaring that the instructions taped inside the box specifically prohibited various choices. For instance, we found Corwin’s life sized stuffed rat. Alice declared it wouldn’t fit, and when I demonstrated that it did, she “read” the instructions to me: “Do not put rats in the Surprise Box!”. After discovering the instructions contained a variety of very specific prohibitions, we settled on Henry, who apparently is specifically provided for in the instructions.

Alice was still in a bit of a fey mood as we drove over to school …

Alice: Is this not a dream?

Dad: This is not a dream.

[a minute or so of silence]

Alice: Is this real?

Dad: Yes, this is real.

Alice: Oh. That’s what I thought.

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