Friday 02 November 2007

Ready … set …

Today’s big excitement was getting ready for Erica’s wedding tomorrow. We all went to the rehearsal because Alice is the flower girl, Charles the ring bearer, and Corwin is in charge of handing out programs. Erica thought he could handle that without any explicit practice, so he got to sit around bored the whole time. Alice and Charles were a bit bored too, although Alice’s main complaint was having to wait till tomorrow to throw the flower petals around. Our main effort was to convince Alice to not throw all of the petals out at once and Charles to not charge ahead of Alice. After the rehearsal we went over to Erica’s parents’ house to trash it (plus free food!). Not that we wanted to, but we figured it would help break the parents in for grandkids.

Charles asks Jessica if she would like to see his etchings, too

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