Sunday 11 November 2007

Other random notes

Jack’s birthday was this weekend and Corwin was invited to a sleep over birthday party there. He claims to have had a good time, even if Anwen had fled to a refuge at a friend’s house. It was enough boy fun that we sent him up for a shower and clean clothes as soon as he got home.

Alice was outside playing with Charles when she announced that she had an “emote sheen gun, that fires in all selections”.

Corwin still spends most of every dinner time telling Alice to chew with her mouth closed, despite the complete and utter lack of effect of this, other than to annoy his parents.

Alice has forgotten how to count to 10.

Erica’s thank you note from the wedding has already arrived. Apparently the happy couple spent their time writing notes instead of having a honeymoon.

Charles’ teacher say that he is much more interactive and less obsessive than he was at the start of the year. If only he would bring some of that home.

Charles bought a Lego™ collection with a bunch of kits this afternoon and has already assembled the large fire fighting hovercraft which has a 20+ page instruction manual. I had to help a bit, primarily with locating parts Charles had dropped on the floor.

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