Monday 05 November 2007

More wedded bliss

In the intense excitement of THE WEDDING I forgot to mention Erica’s cousin Jessica. She hit it off quite well with the boys, although I am not sure they thought so.

I was impressed by the fact that Charles was willing to talk to her, given how Charles is normally thought a mute by people he doesn’t know / like. Charles liked Jessica so much that he drew her a picture of a tank and explained the drawings he was making to her. Charles may have been favorably biased toward her because she’s a Marine and Charles

Jessica was fond of Corwin as well, although he didn’t reciprocate. I used the threat of smoochies from Jessica as an inducement to proper behavior from Corwin. I mentioned this to Jessica, who considered the alternative of punching Corwin, but came to the conclusion that Corwin not only likely to fear smoochies much more, but might even like mixing it up.

I tried to get Corwin to dance with Jessica at the reception, to which he responded by hiding under the table. Despite this effort, Jessica managed to trap him as we were leaving and give him a very bosomly hug in revenge for the slight on her honor from his hiding under the table.

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