Thursday 01 November 2007

Exploding pants

Poor Corwin. I had to go to school to rescue him yesterday. It seems that his pants ripped somehow and he wanted to put on a new pair, despite the fact that the rip was on his underwear covered butt and only 8 inches or so long. I can only guess that he ate a big lunch and it went right to his posterior so fast the pants couldn’t hold.

Once I delivered his replacement pants, he had to go from the principal’s office to a bathroom to change. He did this by very s l o w l y edging down the nearly deserted hallway, rather darting through to minimize his exposure. I tried to point this out but Corwin’s focus was totally consumed with scanning for potential optical paths from his rip to local gawkers. Sadly, the incident left him having only an army hat for a costume, his previous (camouflage) pants being a key part of the “soldier” effect.

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