Saturday 24 November 2007

Domestic routines re-established.

Enough relaxation, Mom’s back on track despite being sick, with severe congestion and a hacking cough. We did some cleaning and popcorn delivery. Alice found the fiber optic angel night light Grandma gave us and it became her new best friend. At bedtime, Alice insisted that it go in her room but not be plugged in. Before then the little angel went everywhere with her, along with some of her other dolls. Alice still has her Bitty Baby, despite announcing that she was done with it and Aunt Debbie should keep it.

Alice also played with a new mini-cookset that Mom got her at IKEA. Last time, Mom got her one with ceramic items, which turns out to have been a mistake. This time Mom picked an all metal one which seems a bit more durable. Alice spent a lot of time cooking with it, although she got very upset when Poly ate one of her meals (very impressive, since we hadn’t picked up Poly from petcare yet).

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