Thursday 15 November 2007

Alice agonistes

Alice had a massive screaming fit tonight at dinner. It was initially set off because Mom sent Alice to tell me dinner was ready. She did that, but I didn’t respond promptly enough so Mom sent Corwin to repeat it and Alice completely flipped out because she was supposed to tell me (claims that she had were discarded as obvious lies). It was downhill after that, with Alice crying and screaming alternately because

  1. She didn’t have enough food.
  2. It was offensive to be offered food she didn’t want.
  3. Mom put the cauliflower on her plate instead of Dad1.
  4. Dad put the cauliflower in the wrong place on her plate.
  5. The peas kept falling off her fork.
  6. The spoon Dad got her because the peas were falling off her fork was too small.
  7. The peas were scattered all over her plate.
  8. Dad gathered up the wrong peas after the previous complaint — “not all of them!”
  9. Mom did not give Alice a snack immediately after dinner.

1 The silver lining — for once Dad was the preferred parent! I would have lorded that over Mom except she couldn’t have heard over the Alice screaming. Oh, and we heard a lot less complaining from Corwin because a screaming Alice is one that isn’t chewing with her mouth open.

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Sounds like someone didn’t get good sleep the night before.

Posted by: Keith's dad on 18 November 2007 at 07:05

Alice has just been generally Princess Grumpy-Pants lately. Maybe it’s the terrible twos, a bit delayed.

Posted by: Dad on 18 November 2007 at 07:15
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