Saturday 17 November 2007

Air scouts

Today’s big event was a Cub Scout outing to the local airport. Mom took the boyen because for once, it was something she wanted to see as well. It was a big hit, even Corwin (Corwin!) spontaneously commented (spontaneously! Corwin!) that he had a good time. Mom saw the inside of the control tower for the first time, along with some of the very high tech systems used move critical flight information around the staff1. Charles was the least voluble, which I found odd, although he admitted he did enjoy going out on the airport firetruck and using the firehose.

I don’t have much more detail, as I was left home to have some bonding time with Alice. She used the freedom to play Dora on my computer, and sit on my lap anytime it looked like I might get some work done. Or send me off to fetch her snacks (she had to have three of them to stop being hungry — the Alice aspect is that she announced this before she had any snack).

1 If she likes any of you, she’ll drop a comment here with the details. If not, then you know where you stand.

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