Tuesday 02 October 2007

Talk balk

It was brought home forcefully today that for all the presumption of a common language, I still have a lot of difficulty communicating with the younger ones.

Charles’ primary problem is that he is too whiny. He can easily put so much whine in to his voice that he really is incoherent. When this is pointed out, he responds by adding volume and a screaming overtone, which frankly doesn’t do much to improve comprehensibility. This morning he wouldn’t get dressed because something was wrong with his shirts. He spent 20 minutes laying in misery on the stairs rather than speak one sentence in a normal voice. Eventually I just picked a “wrong”shirt and put it on him.

Alice, on the other hand, has much better diction but less global coherence. I have already mentioned her little detours to Wonderland but I realized this afternoon that she also models conversations in her head and becomes extremely irate if the other participants don’t follow her model. Alice seems to think of conversation more as a stylized ritual than a form of communication. Woe betide one who speaks to Alice when she’s having a purely internal but vocalized conversation!

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