Wednesday 17 October 2007

Stories in play

Charles, presumably at the strong urging of his teacher, has been writing his little story books about something other than modern warfare. He did one about fishing a few days ago and more recently one about him and Alice. In this most recent story, he and Alice go outside and shoot things, one of which I think is Corwin. So, it’s not completely off topic for him.

What I liked about it, though, was that he modeled the story reasonably well on how he and Alice play outside. He even drew himself with his big gun, rendered well enough that it was instantly recognizable. Alice, being a girl, changed weapons on every page. All of her weapons were also modeled (not as accurately) on actual Alice weaponry, including a nerf pistol and a bazooka. It’s too bad he didn’t draw her with a blaster, as Alice has been claiming to be Princess Leia for a number of days, sometimes to the point of insisting on being called that instead of “Alice”. She was very happy when I told her that Leia carried a blaster.

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