Thursday 11 October 2007


Corwin has a busy two weeks of soccer, this and the next. Five days a week, with just Tuesday and Friday off.

Tonight was a game against a team they played before. The game was much closer this time but Corwin’s crew eaked out a 1-0 win. Andrew scored near the end of the first quarter and that was it.

Corwin was playing well, not kick as far as usual but doing a much better job of kicking to someone. He had a number of good returns that put the ball right in front of an offensive teammate. He made another stomach based save as well. Still, the tide of the game shifted back and forth, with the other team putting a lot of pressure on in the first and fourth quarters, while Corwin’s team dominated the middle quarters.

My favorite incident was Brian driving the ball up the side. He let it get too far ahead of him and an opponent kicked it back, hitting Brian right in the face so hard he fell over on his back. Without pause, Brian popped right back up and resumed his drive with the ball, conveniently stopped nearby courtesy of his face. I swear he recovered faster than the kid who nailed him.

Our team also get very lucky on one play where there was a bit of a scrum near the goal. Our goalie got pulled out of position and the ball kind of just drifted over to the side, near the goal but nobody near it. One little tap and it would have gone in unopposed. I can’t believe the other team didn’t score on that. Both teams had other shots that just missed the goal by a few feet. All in all, quite an exciting game.

P.S. Check out Corwin’s primary color outfit. Red, blue, green, yellow. Along with his orange he just needed a splash of purple to be a complete color wheel.

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