Saturday 20 October 2007

Season windup

Charles had his last soccer game of the season today. It didn’t go very well as they lost 0-3 (the other team apparently having had an undefeated season). The scoring was very odd, as all three goals happened in the space of a literally a couple of minutes early in the second quarter and nothing for either team elsewhen in the game.

Charles played reasonably well, although not quite at the top of his game. I think he spent the game on defense but not goalie. He did a good job of going after the ball, even if it was buried in a scrum and made a number of good passes to the offense to clear the ball. Overall, the field dominance was roughly equal but Charles’ team couldn’t convert the attacks, partially I think because the other team did a better job of mass attacks rather than loan break aways. Charles didn’t seem very upset about the outcome so I expect he’ll be willing to play again next season.

After Charles’ game, I stayed to take a few pictures of Mara’s game, which also featured Maggie but not Allison (injured) or Ali (out of town partying) who are also on that team. I was trying for a nice picture of Mara for an updated MaraWare but I didn’t get anything I was really happy with. It’s just another way for me to turn fun in to work. Still, I got enough shots to be able to annoy Mara even if I missed capturing her most embarassing moment in the game, falling on her posterior, legs in the air.

I ended up distracted and shot the whole game, which meant that it was time for the end of season picnic for Corwin’s team by the time I was ready to pop home for a break. That was nice, with a cookout and the traditional kids vs. parents game. As usual, the kids got crushed but no small part of it was that they didn’t play very well, bunching up and not passing. They outnumbered the adults but didn’t take any advantage of that. Charles did well, though, breaking up some plays nicely on defense. The kids did end up scoring a couple of goals which was enough to make them happy.

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