Monday 15 October 2007

It was a dark and rainy soccer night

This evening we had two soccer games for both Corwin and Charles. Since I have way too many pictures of Corwin’s games that I haven’t edited yet, I decided to watch Charles. That proved challenging late in the game when the combination of cloud cover and time rendered the players near invisible. That fact that it started drizzling just added to the ambiance.

Charles played defense most of the game, which they won 5-0. He played offense for one quarter and did a good job of pressuring the other side, coming close to scoring at least once. The thing I noticed most was that Charles stayed in position. While everyone else except the goalies were clustered around wherever the ball was, Charles would stop moving forward at a location appropriate to his official position. On offense Charles was all over the field, showing much more affinity for running than his older brother.

Corwin’s team had a hard fought game which ended in a 2-2 tie with Corwin’s team scoring very late in the fourth quarter on a penalty kick. In fact, both scores were off penalties, the first an indirect kick that was bounced from a nice initial pass.

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That looks like a younger version of Mara behind Charles.

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