Wednesday 31 October 2007


Today was Halloween, which means a massive social whirl for the children. Corwin and Charles had parties at school, along with a costume parade. Much candy was handed out to the kids. Back when Corwin was in first grade, I generally bulked up the party contributions because they were otherwise thin. Now, I rarely add anything because the kids get full bags of treets and there’s always a lot of general snacks left over. It’s definitely a lot easier for me.

After school, Alice and Charles went off with Mom to her office at the university where the building was having a trick or treat event. Not many families showed up, so the kids got a lot of candy. Corwin, meanwhile, went home with Jack to gather in a gang to terrorize Jack’s neighborhood. We’re still waiting for him to get home so I don’t know how that went.

We all grabbed a quick supper and then Mom went off to give her students a special Halloween treat - a mid term exam. Now that’s the kind of scary only Mom can do. Meanwhile, Alice, Charles, and I headed out to plunder the local neighborhood. We hit a few houses on a forced march over to Mara’s house and then hooked up with Mara, Zina, and Amalia to hit some more houses. Eventually we all ended up back at our house, paid off the Mara crew for their escort and called it a night. The weather had been about as good as it gets for a fall evening but it was starting to chill up and get dark, the kids had walked a long way, so they were willing to call it a night and start feasting on the proceeds.

UPDATE: Corwin made it back home, hitching a ride with Josh and family. Exhausted from their expedition, they nevertheless played outside the house for a little bit so that I could test one of my new 5-minute super bright glow sticks. Such nice boys.

The next morning Mom asked me why Alice’s face was bruised and abraded. I had forgotten that while I was out with Charles and Alice, Alice had stopped to complain of something in her shoe. Charles, completely absorbed in targeting enemies with his gun, ran right over her, grinding her face in to the sidewalk in passing. Alice, needless to say, was a bit put out over the incident, but through her tears she declared that she wanted to go on with the outing rather than go home and rest. Charles never did grasp why Alice and I were unpleased with him. However, his karma caught up with him later, as another period of similar obliviousness without an Alice to cushion the fall lead to the destruction of his gun. Now that, Charles was sorry about.

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Thanks for the treats!!! And Alice was just too cute in her snow white costume!

Posted by: Deborah on 31 October 2007 at 22:08

The princess looks like she is tired - hard work collecting all that candy!

Posted by: Karen on 02 November 2007 at 12:58
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